Aurora Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you noticed that your teeth are not naturally as white as they used to be when you smile? Teeth tend to get darker with age, through consumption of tobacco, and after eating certain foods and drinks.

Yazdani Dental offers one of the most effective and popular teeth-whitening treatments in Aurora, Philips Zoom. Zoom is a safer, more effective solution than over-the-counter methods, and your treatment is managed by your dentist.

If you are considering Aurora teeth whitening treatment, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with your dentist for safe and effective results.

Safe and Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions in Aurora

The process begins with a dental hygiene examination to see if there are any issues that would be aggravated by this treatment, such as cavities, thin enamel or very sensitive teeth. Once deemed a good candidate for the process, you can begin your treatment.

Our dentist will create a custom-fitted mouth tray and provide you with a Zoom kit and step-by-step instructions. The kit includes a bleaching formula that combines amorphous calcium phosphate, a patented whitening technology, and potassium nitrate, a known de-sensitizer to ensure your comfort.

The Zoom NiteWhite system is a process that only takes one hour each evening. Typically, the full treatment takes one to two weeks, depending on what the dentist recommends.

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