Are You Considering Orthodontics in Aurora?

Your dental specialists look at more than just your teeth during each visit and may recommend that you look into Orthodontics in Aurora if necessary. 

Orthodontics is the study and reconstruction of dental displacement including improper bites and tooth irregularity. Simply put, this procedure is used to correct your jaw and teeth alignment by the use of braces.

Diagnosing Dental Displacements

At Yazdani Dental we are dedicated to diagnosing teeth and jaw displacements. Unfortunately for adults, many dental displacements can go unnoticed therefore it is vital to spot these problems as quickly as possible. Starting treatment at an early age will save both money and embarrassment through the teen years. 

Our team is equipped to deal with such dental displacements from Anteroposterior discrepancies (Jaw displacements) to regular tooth crowding. The key to success is prevention, and Dr. Yazdani and his team are dedicated to finding these problems proactively.

orthodontics in aurora

Realign Your Smile with Orthodontics in Aurora

Between the ages of 6 to the early teens, a vital period in the development of children’s teeth occurs. Preventative measures such as removable retainers and plates may be placed to realign the jaw and smile.

For more serious cases of dental alignment, in which displacement is more drastic, braces may have to be used. This will allow the jaw and the teeth to move into proper place after a specified period of time incumbent to the patient. Braces are most commonly made from stainless steel although others can be crafted from ceramics for a more desired look.

If Dr. Yazdani has concluded that braces will be necessary, he will refer you to one of his associates who specializes in Orthodontics in Aurora. Schedule an appointment with our team today to discuss the most effective treatment solution for you and your children.