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Many patients are satisfied with the sparkle they achieve from brushing twice or more daily with a flouride-containing toothpaste, flossing their teeth daily, and regular cleanings at our office.

If you decide you want to go beyond these methods and
make your smile look brighter, we can help you investigate your options.

First, Dr. Yazdani can tell you which whitening procedures would be effective for you. Whiteners may not correct all types of discolouration. For example, yellowish teeth will probably bleach well, brownish teeth may bleach less well, and grayish teeth may not bleach well at all. Likewise, if you have tooth-coloured fillings or bonding placed in your front teeth, bleaching may not enhance your smile. The whitener will not effect the colour of these materials, and they will stand out in your newly whitened smile. In these cases, you should consider other options, such as veneers or bonding.

Dr. Yazdani will be happy to fully discuss with you all your options for a whiter and brighter smile.