Improve Your Oral Health With These Three Methods

Beyond brushing and flossing twice a day, if you feel like there is something more you can be doing to improve your oral health, you’re absolutely right. Here is a list of three simple methods you can add to your daily oral care regimen.

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity with Oil Pulling

This method is not new but is regaining popularity recently. Its benefits include whitening teeth, strengthening gums, reducing tooth sensitivity, preventing cavities, helps acne and eczema as well as reducing symptoms of migraines and clearing out sinuses.

Oil pulling is successful for the reason that it seeps into every nook and cranny in your mouth, and as you swish it pulls out toxins and harmful bacteria’s from places a toothbrush can’t reach.

How to do it: Before brushing or rinsing out your mouth in the morning, measure one tablespoon of virgin cold-pressed oil- sesame, coconut, sunflower or olive. Swish it around your mouth working it through all your teeth and gums for 20 minutes.

Do not gargle and do not swallow the oil. Spit it out and follow with a salt water rinse, then brush. Oil pulling is most effective when done once a day for at least 2 months.

Freshen your Breath with Tongue Scraping

This is an easy habit to add to your daily routine as it only takes about a minute. You will see the results right in front of your eyes, and your tongue will feel much better. This technique has also been around since ancient times.

While you sleep, your body works to detoxify itself, and the toxins are deposited on the surface of the tongue. That is why you have that coating on your tongue in the morning. You can specifically purchase a tongue scraper, or you can use the edge of a stainless steel spoon

How to do it: Stick your tongue all the way out. Gently scrape from the back to the front with one stroke. Rinse the scraper with hot water and begin again. If you do oil pulling, scrape after but before rinsing.

Boost your Oral Health with Herbal Rinsing

After night time brushing, an herbal rinse adds a healthy boost to your oral health. Ingredients that can be used to rinse can include; tea tree, oregano, myrrh, calendula, echinacea, aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract and golden seal.

How to do it: Herbs like myrrh and golden seal can be steeped and swished. Tea tree can be rubbed into the gums. Oregano needs to be diluted before rubbed onto your gums.

Oral care is an important factor that contributes to our overall health. Experimenting with these three simple methods can help you maintain good dental hygiene, and achieve a healthier lifestyle

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