Restore Your Smile With Aurora Dental Implants

Dr. Yazdani and his team are excited to offer the newest in Aurora dental implants! Implants can serve to replace a single missing tooth, a series of missing teeth, or serve a more holistic purpose to repair the entire mouth.

Our Aurora Dental Implants are made of Titanium, as it is one of the few metals with the capability to fuse with bone. Titanium is also one of the strongest metals known to mankind, ensuring your new replacements are strong enough to last a lifetime. 

Smile with Dental Implants in Aurora

Between the ages of 6 to the early teens, a vital period in the development of children’s teeth occurs. Preventative measures such as removable retainers and plates may be placed to realign the jaw and smile.

For more serious cases of dental alignment, braces may have to be considered. This will align the jaw and move the teeth into proper place, making you a better candidate for this procedure.

dental implants Aurora Ontario

Dental implants are usually for anyone with missing or eroding teeth, either due to injury, disease, decay, or neglect. The implants simply act as a replacement for the root ensuring the new tooth is strong and able to withhold pressure. The implants themselves are metal screws placed into the mouth at the spot of the missing tooth.

Once the metal is embedded, it will be left exposed to heal for several months. Once you have reached full recovery it is time to apply the crown (actual tooth) to the implant. Dr. Yazdani’s team will match the crown to the appropriate shape and colour of your tooth.

High Success Rate of Aurora Dental Implants

This procedure has an extremely high rate of success in the 90-95% range, and implant’s long lasting ability is undeniable after studies have shown that longevity can only be hindered by such activities as smoking. 

Advantages of Implants over Other Procedures

  • Function like real teeth
  • Feel like real teeth
  • Foundation and stability
  • Holds dentures in place
  • Cosmetically superior 

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Is this procedure right for you? Ultimately, Dr. Yazdani will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants in Aurora. Contact our team today to learn more about how you can get started with Aurora Dental implants. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. Contact our office today and we will help you get started!