Here at Yazdani Dental, we believe in proper oral health and hygiene. The most common dental problems that you can experience are also the most preventable; by being proactive and doing things ahead of time, you can help prevent and avoid potential dental problems.

Here are the top three dental problems and our ways of fighting them.

The Erosion of Enamel

Enamel Erosion is one of the most common dental problems, caused when acidic food and drinks are left on your teeth for long periods of time, brushing too hard or frequently, or using a very stiff toothbrush.

Once worn down and damaged, your enamel will not repair itself naturally, so ensuring the quality of your enamel and that it lasts is important for maintaining the overall health of your mouth and teeth.

Oral Health Problems

Enamel is the main protective coating for your teeth, resisting cavities, chips, stains, and offering protection for your teeth.

Avoid acidic foods, drinks, and brushing too hard to make sure that you don’t wear away your enamel and that your teeth remain protected against decay and damage.


The next biggest problem we face is cavities. In the most basic sense, cavities are caused by having sugars and acids in your teeth that are left over time or are not cleaned properly. These sugars combine with bacteria, which creates acids that break down enamel and dentin. Over time, this causes holes in your teeth that leave it exposed and unprotected from damage and decay.


If left unattended, this can lead to more serious problems that will be much more serious, long-term, and devastating. Ensuring that you avoid cavities is the best way of fighting against cavities. Be sure to clean your teeth regularly, especially after you consume sugary foods that can cause damage. Don’t leave your teeth overnight either, as this gives sugars and acids time to wear away at your teeth. Regular dentist visits are one of the best ways to making sure you avoid cavities.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a major problem that is actually fairly common. It occurs when plaque starts to attack your gums, damaging your gums and causing them to recede from your teeth. In general, the first stage is gingivitis, which is followed by periodontitis.

In serious cases, this can even lead to your teeth loosening and even falling out. Gum disease can cause many problems for your oral health and hygiene and you should take adequate actions to avoid it.

Gum Disease

The main way of fighting gum disease is by ensuring regular brushing and flossing. Smoking can also help contribute to gingivitis, so avoiding or reducing your smoking habits can also have a positive impact on resisting gum disease.

All of these common dental problems are largely avoidable. By ensuring you keep your teeth and mouth clean regularly, you should do a good job of avoiding these problems in the first place, allowing you to maintain your oral health!

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